About Us

About Us

BDC Group Ltd is

One Of The Leading Private Customer Financial Management Firms.

We take care of the assets of clients with complete funds under the administration and management.

BDC Group Ltd main service is the dynamic management of financial portfolios. We are providing personalized portfolio management to all our clients. These are provided to the clients by our team of professionals. We work for in-house organization and care for financial portfolios. We additionally oversee cash for trusts, charities, and Court of Protection awardees. Portfolios of clients are overseen on an optional or counseling premise, subject to the requirements of clients and a number of their investments. We additionally provide execution as well as counseling managing services to our clients. We put forth our clients’ satisfaction at the core of all that we do. To give high quality, customized and relationship-driven services, we are using the latest business practices and technology.


We give our best to offer an empowering and steady work environment in which long term conveyance of our clients’ and investors’ targets is compensated.

  • We treat our clients and colleagues with honesty, professionalism as well as conservatism. Due to this reason, our clients stick with us ever more once they experience our services.
  • The long lasting client relationships are the backbone of our company.
  • Our experts control all our client needs and demands to make certain that we meet their expectations.
  • We additionally endeavor to secure the atmosphere and to deal with our business in a reasonable and moral way.
The client manager that is relegated to your account will be responsible for reviewing your portfolio repeatedly at least once in a quarter. You can request some continuous or interim reviews at anytime you want. At all times, you will get general account statements from those organizations where the speculations are apprehended. Customers in our Investment Management Program would surely get quarterly reports that we will produce by our Portfolio Management software. You additionally might get a confirmation notice of each trade made in your account, on per exchange or quarterly premise, contingent upon your guidelines to us.
No, BDC Group would not hold up on the assets of the clients. The majority of our asset-based accounts are hold up at FIWS that is a leading provider of custody, trading and even brokerage services to the Trust Institutions, Registered Investment Advisors and Third-Party Administrators. FIWS is capable enough to use the capital, assets, and aptitude of the Fidelity association that is one of the biggest financial services organizations in the interest of its customers. This incorporates access to:
  • Dedicated customer benefit experts
  • Innovative speculation research and tools
  • A far-reaching set of services and products
  • An incorporated business and trust platform
These features are intended to enable its customers to flourish by developing their organizations, all the more viable addressing client requirements, and upgrading operational effectiveness and benefit. For certain different accounts, BDC Group might use different representatives or operators to get particular or valuable venture items that might be offered through the FIWS stage. We select these merchants or operators given their mastery, proficiency, great execution, and expenses.
Yes, BDC Group has an investment committee. Our committee meets quarterly, at any rate, to review the current investment condition and decide whether any progressions should be made to our techniques. We utilize a central, top-down way to deal with our exchanges, considering:
  • Earnings
  • Industry outlook
  • Economic conditions
  • Dividends
  • Historical data
  • Price-earnings ratios
  • General level of interest rates
  • Tax benefits
  • Company management
We likewise utilize chart analysis, technical analysis, regression analysis and cycle analysis to decide such factors as cost and volume activity, direction, momentum and relative quality. Our Investment Committee manages the system of our model portfolios and gives the structure to customer portfolio designations.
Open design implies that we can give speculation decisions to you from an expansive scope of offerings. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) company, we are offering a distinctive value incentive to customers through our freedom in that we are not constrained to the restrictive item. We are not attached to one supplier and don’t have any motivating force to suggest one option over another. Our recommendation depends on the appropriateness of any investment to your objectives and the probability of including value.
Yes, BDC Group has chosen a variety of separate account managers who have shown ability in acquiring investment accomplishment in certain asset categories. In specific cases, the different account manager’s investment theory and the system will add an incentive as for accomplishing the customer’s investment targets. Our separate account managers fill in as an enhancement to the portfolios the BDC Group’s investment committee oversees. Private Equity investments are accessible to our ultra-dangerous speculators who look for speculations uncorrelated to customary resource classes.
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